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An Open Letter From Our Founder

Dear Sir or Madam Living With A Disability:

As an SSDI attorney with Cerebral Palsy, I have spent 35 years living with a disability and dealing with the issues facing the entire disabled community. As a child, I was selected as a Torchlighter for the United Way. In my adolescence, I lectured physical therapists at Oakland University on how to respect people with disabilities. Later on, as a new attorney, I worked with the Disability Law Clinic at Wayne State University, advocating for the rights of people with disabilities.

In my past, I also dealt with the chronic pain of an injury. In my past, I also had to fight to maintain my independence in daily living.  In my past, I have experienced the difficulty of trying to seek employment as a person with a disability. I started AJM Disability Advocates with the hope of alleviating the concerns of other disabled individuals, especially regarding their need for a livable income. I wanted to use the same drive, determination, and attention to detail that made me a Social Security attorney, to help others like me in need.

Most other attorneys think they know what you are going through as a person with a disability. But they have not lived through it the way I have. I will take the time to meet with you and understand your personal situation with empathy and patience. Just pick up the phone and give me a call at (586)-929-0654.

Remember, I’m not just a disability attorney, I am a person with a disability—and I will strive to understand you.

Best Regards,

Andrew J. Maurer, Esq.
Founder & CEO
AJM Disability Advocates, PLLC


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